Friday, July 16, 2010

From Ed. "More than $5000 in a check I THINK NOT!" (July 16, 2010)

They (apparently) have a paper check deposit limit of $5000. Don't try to find that under 'Terms and Conditions' though on the website...I found out only verbally, on the phone. They told me my payroll check, drawn from a US Bank for $5500 was a 'security risk', and that I should have direct deposit.

This was the first check from a new job, before dir. dep. was set up...but you can believe they won't be getting more of my cash. I like a bank that accepts US Dollars, thank you very much. I think I might take all my extra money out and put it in other interest generating accounts (there are plenty out there), but keep using them for the services that cost them money (bill pay, atm withdrawls, etc.) Saves me having to establish a new set of online bill pay accounts.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

From Richard (11/1/2009)

Try getting a simple payment date changed and enjoy the club.
I just searched for a ING sucks website to add my name with this story.I got informed my paycheck would be late and id get the deposit on monday. I tried to get ING to just delay the mortgage payment from the 1st to the 4th so’s I could get my check deposited. I hit a brick wall After about an hour and a quarter of holding the operator couldn’t even help saying she had to have a supervisor < more wait > and could do nothing cause she could not find one to do the authorization ..  WTF ??

/..\ ??  So i tried to have them to at least not charge me with fees and penaties since i was calling ahead of that day and did ask a first time in 3 years to delay by a few days. I was answered this in more or less unhidden words : We got to make money. I mean wtf . So conversation kept on for a minute , then the agent started to give me shit for calling a friday afternoon at 2:30 pm. Again . wtf It was 2:30 btw cause i had been on the phone almost two
hours at that point !

Try to reach them when you’re in need of something and enjoy their crappy service and join the rest of us dissatisfied customers.
We were warned by our notary not to use them , we did and now regret it. ING is good as long as you don’t need service , they you will find out what they really are. Crappy service. The worst i ever seen. We will never do business with them ever again and i strongly discourage anyone from considering using their .. <  AHEM >  services.

Sincerely yours

Friday, October 16, 2009

JR Writes...

My CD with NetBank was transferred to ING Direct and I did not login online to verify the account. I received a statement from them saying that they are auto renewing my CD. Now, I found out that since I did not login online (I did talk to them about 8 months back on the phone), the money was withdrawn and sent to FDIC. Its a whole new battle to get the money back from FDIC. There was no email or paper mail from ING Direct informing me about what they were going to do. Very poor customer service from ING Direct. Any ideas on how I should proceed?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does it Suck 4U?

If you've had an ING Direct sucking experience please leave a comment or email me at and I will add a post to this blog with YOUR story... Hurry before the robots get me.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Lawsuit, It Has a Flavor (and the flavor is Class Action)

With as badly as ING Direct handled the NetBank customers, and with as huge the number of NetBank customers is I am surprised that so far I haven't been able to find a class action lawsuit against them.

What laws did they break? Well besides the THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS (see prev. post) where they, through inaction, let a human being come to harm, they also purchased a million checking accounts and converted them to NON checking accounts. Who APPROVED that deal? I mean come on. The FDIC could have just written checks for the account balances of the NetBank customers which would have given a lot of us a heads up that "Hey it's time to go find another checking account..." which is a lot better than finding out little by little that they aren't providing the BASIC FEATURES required to use an Electric Orange account as one's sole account and then, just as you are about to reach the epiphany that you should start looking for some other financial provider, they pull the rug out from under you and say "Oh you have a bunch of bills that need to be paid, well better fill the CAR UP WITH GAS and start paying them IN CASH"...

And then they start laughing... that thin robotic laugh of theirs... how can we help you save today... how can we help you save today... how can we help you save today

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Issue #3 ING Direct is Managed by Evil Robots

While they appear to be friendly on the outside, the customer support "people" at ING Direct do little more than regurgitate a previously coded set of instructions, obeying their programming blindly and unable to make human decisions.

When I described my situation to them, that

1. The NSF charges were being made invisibly to me from both ends, meaning that they are not included on ING Direct's online transaction reports that I can access on their website and that I did not explicitly authorize the charges. (The idea that an electronic charge bouncing is a severe enough issue to have your account closed implies to me that they should be notifying the customers LOUDLY and REPEATEDLY on their online transaction lists that the charges are going through so they can take action--I am CERTAIN I am not the only one who has had this issue with them)

2. That ING Direct only contacted me one time via Mail and only as a notification (and 3+ months ago). This is not the action of a company that wants to help its customers avoid a pitfall that it MUST know about from other people having similar experiences. Not one phone call was made from them to me.

3. That I was not an original ING Direct customer (they purchased my checking account from NetBank and then didn't provide the functionality I had at NetBank). Oh by the way, this also includes the inability to WRITE CHECKS. Yes you cannot write a check from your own checkbook with an Electric Orange account--you can send an electronic deposit to someone, you can have them use a "bill pay" like feature to have a printed check mailed to someone, but you cannot, for example, give the paperboy a check or send one in a Christmas card to your niece--and I mean you can't do it NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER.

All they were able to respond with was the precoded "there's nothing we can do" instructions the giant evil computer overlords programmed their robotic frames with. As if closing a checking account was as final as one shot to the head and two shots to the chest.*

* I understand from various TV programs that this is "execution style" although I've never actually witnessed or participated in an execution.

If you have only one checking account, losing it suddenly while money is on the way in can feel pretty bad though.

Issue #2: No notification when items are returned NSF(!!!)

At ING Direct, if they are unable to pay an item they simply reject it. They do not charge a fee to you (that's a great thing) but they don't provide any notice that someone or something tried to make a charge against your account anywhere on your account web site (that's a bad thing) and every time it happens they get ANGRIER and ANGRIER (that turns out to be the worst thing).

In my case one item was bounced this way from a repeating electronic withdrawal I had set up on my NetBank account. I had not authorized this entity to my new account but the accounts were in transition and ING Direct was honoring NetBank electronic transactions. That is fine.

I received a letter mail a week or two later sayng that NSF charge(s) had happened (which is how I knew this happened) but did not provide specific details about what the item was, who sent it, etc. I happened to know the electronic item in question and why it bounced so I read the letter (which by the way did not request any action except to quit bouncing charges) and knew that the issue would disappear when the account separated fully from its NetBank counterpart.

Well as you can probably guess, this charge continued (I am finding out now, at the end of May 2008) all through the first months of the year. Each time getting rejected and each time making them agrier and angrier. Not angry enough to put something in my online transaction history that said ELECTRONIC DEBIT FAILED NSF with who /what / how much information, but angry enough apparently to stew on it. They also weren't angry enough to send me any more mail telling me about these new NSFs.

Eventually, on May 28, I tried to sign into my account and it asked me to call customer support. After they told me what was going on I explained what seemed to be happening and was told that there was nothing I could do to reopen my account. I spoke to a manager, layed everything out again and received the same response. I think it was a manager it may have been a very angry robot.